12′ DL682-UV38 Single Pack UVA LED Decoration Lights


The one model of 12′ Single Pack UVA LED Decoration Strip Lights in DL682 Line.

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DL682-UV38 12′ LED Decoration Strip Lights Line come with Pure UVA 380nm  lights and 6′ switched SPT-2 Power cord and jump wire to support linkable up to 100 strips and 3/4″ diameter plastic strip body with attachable hover stands. 120V Input, 1.5Watts and penny cost for power and useful for all kind of festival and applications. UL Listed, strong color packaging, fast shipping.
Full DL682 line have 8 models to subplot 8 different useful colors:
DL682-W30, Warm White 3000K; DL682-W55, Cool White 5500K; DL682-B46 Blue 460um; DL682-R66 Red 660um; DL682-G53 Green 530nm; DL682-Y60 Yellow 600nm; DL682-UV38 UVA 380um; DL682-IR74 Infrared Red 740um.
Blue color lights Great for:Christmas and Halloween festival Lights system and  Plants growing for Hobby indoor Garden.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 1 in
Purple UVA

Pure UVA 380um Lights


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