2 Pack of 48″ 54W T5HO Fluorescent UV Single Strip Lights


48″ 54W T5HO Fluorescent UV single strip Grow Lights great for Vegetable and Flowering Stages of Indoor Garden plants with fast and Strong Growing. Perfect for Halloween Lighting system and Room Cleaning and Disinfecting to kill Germs and Bacterias.

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LSF8541UV 48In 54W T5HO Fluorescent UVA Singe Strip Lights great for Strong Vegetable Plant Growing, use for all stages of indoor garden, Come with F54T5HO UV tubes and 2″ wide reflectors, 6Ft switched power code and 6 In linkable daisy-chain wires for up to 20 strips application. ¬†Great for Room Cleaning and Disinfecting, Kill Germs and Bacteria. Specially for Halloween festival to get UVA lights system. 120V Input Voltage, UL Listed and One Year Warranty.

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4' UVA

4' 54W UVA Fluorescent Strip Lights


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