BallastWise 120V Ballast Operate 2XF24/39T5HO tube for T5 Grow Lights


DXE224HO51 Ballast power 2 T5HO 24W Lamps of T Grow Lights to support full Lux output and higher PPF/W for fast Vegetable Growing strong and Fast.

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DXE224HO51 120V Input Voltage  Ballast for T5 Grow Lights Operate 2 F24/39T5HO Blue or red Grow Lamps, Special design for GrowLighting System, to support best Lumen Output and PPF/W qualify light. 120V Input Voltage Version great for residential indoor Garden application and perfect fit 10A Wall Socket and GFCI, EZ replace/install with suitable dimension of mounted size and extension wires similar with most T5 Grow Lights on the market. Such as SunBraze or DuroLux etc.

UL Listed and 3 Years Warranty. High PowerFactor, Low THD, High Ballast Efficiency, Commercial level Ballast, meed all standards.

Strong Packing box and USPS fast shipping and Delivery.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
424 120 GLB

Grow Ballast 424HO51 Operate 4 T5HO 24W Tubes for T5 Grow Lights Ballast Replacement


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