BallastWise DXE454HO5-120V Ballast Operate 4XF54T5HO tube for T5 Grow Lights


BallastWise DXE454HO5-120 Ballast power 4 T5HO 54W Lamps of T Grow Lights to support full Lux output and higher PPF/W for fast Vegetable Growing strong and Fast.

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BallastWise DXE454HO5-120V Input Voltage Ballast for T5 Grow Lights Operate 4 F54T5HO Blue or red Grow Lamps, Special super low profile design for GrowLighting System, to support best Lumen Output and PPF/W qualify light. 120V Input Voltage Version great for residential indoor Garden application and perfect fit 10A Wall Socket and GFCI, EZ replace/install with suitable dimension of mounted size and extension wires similar with most T5 Grow Lights on the market. Such as SunBraze or DuroLux etc.

UL Listed and 3 Years Warranty. High PowerFactor, Low THD, High Ballast Efficiency, Commercial level Ballast, meed all standards.

Strong Packing box and USPS fast shipping and Delivery.

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 2 in
454 120 GLB

Grow Ballast 454HO51 Operate 4 T5HO 54W Tubes for T5 Grow Lights or HighBay Picture Ballast Replacement


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