DXE120M12 Single Tubes Ballast for T12 UnderCabinet Lights


DXE120M20 Operate Single tubes with F20T12, F12T12 for the T12 UnderCabinet Lights

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The UnderCabinet Lights is Popular Residential Lighting line has T5 (New Version) and T8(Elder Version) and T12(Old Version), there are single lights and twin lights models, so DXE2M5, DXE2M8 and DXE2M12 operate twin tubes for the lights. DXE113M5, DXE118M8, DXE120M12 power single tube for the under cabinet light. The Line of potted ballast come with UL listed and Three Years Warranty, full power output and extension wires and MPF and MTHD and 120V Input.

For Maintain or ballast replacement or upgrade can select this line of ballast, great dimension and operation for the lighting fixtures. EZ install and connect.

DXE120M12 is perfect for T12 Under cabinet lights most popular use in the Kitchen of all US, DXE120M12 operate any F20T12 or F12T12 Fluorescent tube. Low cost and EZ for your replacement and upgrade.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 1 in

For T5 UnderCabinet Lights


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